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A Note From the Artist


     My pottery venture started about 12 years ago when I joined a wonderful group of potters at the Garrison Arts Center. Over the years I've moved from stoneware clay to porcelain to speckled clay, which I've fallen in love with. I've experimented with all the traditional functional forms and expanded into more sculptural forms. I have enjoyed the purity of simple brilliant colors against the natural clay surface, and used the large surfaces as extensions of my painting practice. Large platters are perfect canvases, but also perfect backgrounds for turkey or some broccoli. I appreciate the fact that the pieces are as much concerned with function as with beauty, and I love seeing them on the tables of friends and family. 

     If you are interested in any particular piece or type of piece, let me know and I can give you details about availability, sizes, materials and of course prices. If I don't have what you want in stock, I'll be happy to create something especially for you.  Thank you for your interest.


Assorted Bowls


Dinner and Lunch Plates


Cups and Mugs


Assorted Platters


Vases and Planters


Other Pieces

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